Bowties are the perfect accessory for that person in your life who loves to add a little flair to their outfits! They are a small way to add personality to your style without going all out. They can be made from almost any cotton or satin fabric.
Cut out two rectangles, one from your fabric, and one from your fusible interfacing. 
This rectangles should measure 6" Long and 5.5" wide. 
Apply your fusible interfacing to your fabric on the wrong side. Fold your rectangle in half length wise and sew closed, leaving a small opening. 
By doing this you will have creating a tube shape. Unfold and reposition as shown in the pictures. Give it a good press with your seams open. 
Sew down both edges and trim the corners. 
Turn right side out through your small opening and press. 
Pinch your bow to give the desired effect and sew in place. 
Cut out a smaller rectangle measuring 2.5"x 5". Fold in half and sew up the length. Turn right sides out and press. Wrap around your bow with the bands seam facing out. Sew together, keeping it a little loose so that you can turn it so that both seams are facing in. 

Adjustable Strap

Cut a strip 2.5" wide and 22" long. This fits most adult neck sizes! 
Fold it in half and press, unfold and press in the edges 1/4" on each side. Fold in half again, pin and sew down both sides to close and add another line of topstitching.
Take hardware piece #1 and loop around one edge of your strap. Sewing in place. 
Loop hardware piece #2 on your strap and feed in back through piece #1. If this part in confusing, take a look at an adjustable bra strap and try your best to mimic!

Fasten #3 on the other edge of your strap and feed it through your bow! 

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This is very useful. I like practical things. This idea of yours made bow ties more convenient. I love your creativity and imagination. I will try this one out. Please keep posting new Do-it-yourself stuffs.

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I am obsessed with bows and I have plenty of this at home. It's good to know how it is done. Thank you for sharing how to sew a bow. I find it really cute. I like the color of your choice. I will surely try this at home and share it with my friends. It is actually a nice business. I hope you can post more about bows.


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This is handy for a modern trends to have a bowtie. Interesting technique.


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