Welcome to the world of PDF Sewing Patterns!

I absolutely love PDF Sewing Patterns. There are soooo many incredible designers out there are are producing new and amazing patterns that you access with just a click or two! 

If you have purchased a pattern or have downloaded a free one, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out how to put these together. It's almost like a puzzle and I'm here to give you some solid tips and tools to get you printing and assembling like a pro! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if these tips and tricks helped in anyway. 


P.S I'm sorry for the quality of some of these photos, it was a low light day when they were taken, but all the information is there :) 


This step is VERY important to get right straight away! Some computers have a habit of resizing the image/document that you are printing to fit on the page better. The problem with this is that when you are printing off a sewing pattern accuracy is extremely important!

I will show you what settings to look out for to get the best result the first time. 

There are a couple of way that computers phrase this resizing process: Scale, Print Actual Size and Fit to Page. You're going to be reading these words a lot in the next few steps ;) 

For printing patterns you want to make sure that your Scale is set to 100%, or that you are printing the Actual Size or that the Fit the Page option is deselected. 



Once you have configured your printer settings, a good way to check that everything is correct is to only print off the first page of your actual pattern. It should have this little square on it that measures either 2" x 2" or some other specific measurement depending on the designer. 

Once you have printed this page, take your ruler and measure the square. 
 If it's not exactly 2" Try the following steps:
  1. Make sure that your printer settings are set to Scale 100% or it's set to Actual Size, or the Fit to Page option is deselected. 
  2. If that's the case and it's still printing the wrong size, try slowly adjusting your scale up or down depending on if your square is measuring smaller or bigger then it should. 

Once you have the square measuring correctly. It's time to print off the rest of your pattern! 

Make sure you have enough paper in your printer so that it doesn't have to be refilled in the middle of printing.


To prep my pages for assembly, I first trim off the margins on the right side and the bottom edge. I repeat this process for every page.
This step makes the whole process of putting the pattern together much easier!


On all PDF patterns, they will have these little markers to help piece all your pieces together. On my patterns, I use the circle method. So on the pages you will find little numbered quarter circles. Other patterns sometimes use different symbols, but the basic principle is the same. 
Once you have all the margins trimmed, you can start matching up the quarter circles. The end goal is to create the full circle! Tape as you go. Since the margins are trimmed you will have that you can match these edges up easily.
I like to have somewhat of a system when assembling. I first complete rows of the pattern, and then assemble the rows together. I find I get the best accuracy when I do it this way and it's more efficient as well.  
Once I have all my rows completed, I line up with the matching half circles and tape them together!
And viola! Complete, Now you can cut out your pattern pieces and start your sewing project. This particular pattern was quite large, if its your first time, try something a little smaller so that you can get used to the process. 

Hope this was helpful! 

Comment below if you have any other recommends or tips for putting together PDF sewing patterns. 




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