Hi everyone! 

Remember me??
It's been such a long time since I've been on here and it feels sooooo good to be back!

I just wanted to provide an update to what's been going on, and why there hasn't been as many posts as usual! The reason is that my family and I have bought a house and moved! We are so excited to start this new chapter. We have been taking some time getting our little house set up and settling in. Since I was running this blog out of a tiny little apartment, it feels amazing to actually have some space. This will mean there will be more tutorials, more patterns and more posting! It might take a little while, as we continue to set up but I'm anxious to get started! 

I wanted to thank all my readers for your continued support during this quieter time. I can't believe but even though I haven't been posting, you are visiting this site more than ever! So thank you so much for reading and sharing your projects!! 
I'll be sure to keep you updated and can't wait to share my new ideas and projects with you.

Happy Sewing!!!



06/07/2016 2:12pm

anxiously looking forward to a new pattern :-)
love from Trinidad & Tobago


Its so nice to hear that you have bought a house and moved recently. I feels nice when we have a house of our own. I really loved the painting of a girl which is on your table.

02/27/2017 2:34am

It's nice to know that you have moved already to your new house! How is it going? I hope you enjoy your place their. I am excited for your journey in that lovely house. Keep us updated, I'm excited to read your ideas and share mine to you too.


I'm looking forward for more updates and interesting posts. You bring so many interesting ideas to my life.


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