It's been so busy around there. Life with two little ones is catching up with me! There will be lots of changes happening around here in the next month so forgive me if I'm not updating as much as I usually do! But don't worry I will be back full force with new patterns, better tutorials and some fantastic ideas for summer sewing! 

With that being said, here is something that I promised weeks ago! Finally I managed to edit these photos and write up the instructions. I'm so excited with how this skirt turned out! I love how grownup and elegant it is and feel that this is a very "Pinterest-y" feel to it! 
* A knit pencil skirt pattern is what is used in this tutorial but you could use a pattern made for wovens. Just add the flare to your skirt instead of hemming it! 
First step is to cut out your skirt pieces. You will want the following pieces to start:
1 Skirt Front
1 Skirt Back
1 Waistband
Fold your front skirt in half and cut a curve from the bottom edge. I cut mine approx. 5" from the original edge. 
Smooth out curve. 
Measure around your new hem line, you will use this when cutting out your flare!
Take your hem measurement and find the corresponding measurement on the circle skirt waist measurement. 

Take your fabric and fold in half and then in half again. Pin your circle skirt waist template to the folded corner. Measure down 6" and mark with pins or a fabric marker. Cut along both curves. 
Pin the flare around your hem matching edges. If there is any excess in the flare, pinch it closed, trim around the extra and stitch closed. 
Add a waist band to your skirt and hem the flared edge by overlocking, turning under 1/4" and stitching down. 


04/23/2016 11:28am

Pretty! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that features your tutorial: --Anne

04/23/2016 2:37pm

I love this so much!!! Thank you so, so much. I found you through sewingcraftgossip, and now I'm going to explore all the awesomeness you have to offer.

I think I'm going to need about a dozen skirts in this pattern.

05/06/2016 8:13am

Hi Kate! Thanks so much for your kind comment!! I would love to see pictures, tag me on Instagram @thelittleststudio

06/29/2016 6:50am

well, that's a good one, really educative for me. thanks.

07/26/2016 3:38pm

Can this be paired with the bodice pattern? I want a more form fitting skirt instead of the circle skirt.

07/26/2016 8:25pm

Hi Ebony,
Yes the skirt pattern available in the link above goes with the bodice pattern! Was it you that made the beautiful black and white pattern dress on Instagram? Loved it so much!

07/27/2016 2:35pm

YAY!!! I want to make a dress for my best friends bridal shower. Yes ma'am that was me, I got nothing but compliments all day! Now I am going to make all your tutorials :D

10/04/2016 5:29pm

Hi Melanie! This is so cool, but I was wondering have you ever done a high waisted lengthy skirt yet? I am interested in doing one but I am unsure how to go about it. Love your blog by the way!

11/20/2016 2:49am

I really appreciate your tutorials. Please what is the name of the stitch used to hem the circle skirt?

Artemisa Rojas Rodriguez
12/31/2016 6:45pm

Excelente tutorial, gracias por compartir

03/01/2017 11:37am

Thank you for this great tutorial. This is really helpful!


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