Amazing for festival season. Crop tops are everywhere!! They are super trendy and this tutorial shows you how it's soo easy.  I think it took me 1/2 hour in total to make this and it totally looks Instagram worthy.  You could wear this with pants or shorts for a casual look or pair it up with a matching pencil skirt for a classy yet fun look! 
This would look incredible in a lace or floral fabric, and I'm drooling over the idea of a suede fringe trim!

  • Knit Bodice Pattern (Available Here) You will only need the front piece
  • 1/2 Meter of Medium Weight Knit, Ponte or Double Faced Knit
  • 1 Meter of Fringe Trim
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

-Modify your bodice front by moving your shoulder point up towards the neck about 1.5"
-Match your shoulder point and your underarm point with a slight curve. 
-Square out the side of the bodice and shorten it 1" or so. Don't shorten it to much. 
Using your pattern, cut out two pieces to be your front and back. Place them together, right sides facing and sew the sides and shoulder seam
Overlock all raw edges and hem by turning is under 1/4" and stitching down using a zig zag stitch. 
Before Pressing
After Pressing
Make sure to press everything really well. With ponte, I find it works best at a medium heat. Use lots of steam and use a drop and press motion rather then dragging the iron across your garment, which can cause further stretching. Pressing can make the biggest difference in a creating a successful garment! 
Cut a length of fringe trim the same length as your hem circumference. Pin in place and overlap the edges. 
Stitch down using a zig zag stitch. 


04/08/2016 8:06am

Simple and easy to make

07/28/2016 2:17pm

Nice! Thank yo so much!

01/27/2017 2:24pm

Your skill in sewing fashionable clothes is indeed amazing! You can definitely turn boring clothes into pretty ones. I love this post because you turned a boring top into a crop top with fringe! The details are so nice. I hope I've had hands as skilled as yours! Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!

03/01/2017 11:38am

Another one great guide. I'm just in love with your site!


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