All of this snow has me looking forward to warm weather and bright colours.  I've been living in a neutral world and I want to play around with some colourful shades!!

If you are looking for a quick and easy project, this infinity scarf is for you! It can be made in about 10 minutes and it's a great way to spruce up your wardrobe. I used a stretch lace but this tutorial is fine for any fabric.

Happy Sewing! 

  • 1.5-2 METERS OF LACE
Cut a rectangle 55-75" Long and 30" Wide. These measurements are changeable depending on how full you want your scarf or how long! 
Fold in half lengthwise and stitch using a zig-zag seam. 
Start turning the scarf right side out stopping halfway. Right sides should be together and the two ends should be lined up.  Also make sure to match up the seam. 
Stitch the two layers together working your way around the circumference. Leave a 3" opening through which you will turn the scarf right side out. 
Sew the opening closed by flipping the raw edges to the inside and sewing close to the edge. 


02/21/2016 3:43pm

I'm a little lost from your picture when you turn it right side out and sew.
Thank you for your help I love this idea as it will make some nice gifts.
Blessings Jocelan

02/27/2016 12:27pm

Same here.

01/26/2017 1:59am

It looks great! I am planning to buy my mom a gift but I think I don't need to. I just found a perfect gift! I love the idea and I can't wait to go home and sew it. I'm so excited I can't help but smile here like crazy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea.

02/03/2017 3:36am

The Quik and easy infinity scarf is really wonderful and amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. I really appreciate your blogs and I learned a lot, especially in your pattern design. I really enjoyed reading your post. I like the way you inform the readers. Your topic is very interesting and useful, many people will also love this blog. I'm glad that I found your amazing blog. Thank you for sharing this with us. Can't wait to read more. Keep posting!


You created a nice infinity scarf. I would like to ask what type of cloth did you use? It's so nice and the flower pattern will match different styles. I can also wear that in my corporate attire while also wearing my high heels. You can be a stylist and sell that to a boutique with different styles and patterns.

02/26/2016 3:05am

Looks a lovely easy project and I'm looking forward to having a go at one for myself.


Wow... nice. I like floral printed dress.

03/13/2016 8:08am

Love the fabric .any chance you can send a link where I can buy it from ? Thank you

01/19/2017 8:02pm

I would love to know if I am able to order some of this fabric.

10/07/2016 2:54am

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02/13/2017 3:18pm

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It's really new inspiring idea. Never thought this before. Good to know this on your blog. Thank you.

03/05/2017 7:32am

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03/25/2017 8:58pm

Can you please tell me where I can purchase the beautiful fabric I'm in the uk.
Thank you


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