Have you ever noticed that most sewing tools are boring? Industrial plastic that comes in only in one or two colours. With this DIY I'm going to show you how to take it from boring to GLAM! If we are going to be using this tools every day, might as well make them to our taste. I hope you enjoy this fun little DIY and thank so much for reading!! 

Happy DIY'ing :) 

Melanie oxoxoxo

  • Seam Ripper
  • Painters Tape
  • Krylon Metallic Spray Paint
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Cardboard 
Lightly sand the plastic with a fine sandpaper to make sure that the paint will stick. 
Cover the metal portion with some painters tape to make sure it remains paint free. 
**Follow the painting instructions on the spray bottle and make sure you paint in a well ventilated area or even better paint outside.**

I used a cardboard box lined with paper to make sure that my work area remained clean! 

I used Krylon's Metallic Spray Paint. You can find this anywhere they sell paint, or any craft store. Shake the can well before painting and spray 10-15" away from the seam rippers. 

I applied about 4-5 thin coats, waiting a few minutes in between coats. The paint dries completely in 15 minutes, which means that this is a super fast project from start to finish! 

Once dry, remove the painters tape and enjoy your new personalized seam ripper!! 


09/16/2016 11:17am

Hello LittletistStudio :)

Looking forward to trying your circle skirt pattern soon. Also, will be looking forward to try your knew addition to the family "The Dress"

01/19/2017 8:42pm

I checked your other posts about do-it-yourself hacks and I admire you for being able to think about those. Instead of buying an expensive material thing, why not try some do-it-yourself hacks that goes according to your taste. Your posts are quite creative when it comes to how you show the procedures in making something and the materials needed can be found at home. So it's a matter of looking for the right materials and adequate time to create your own do-it-yourself metallic seam ripper. You've got great mind and hands!

02/13/2017 4:09pm

I am thankful for this blog .Really looking forward to read more. Awesome


Nice Job. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is a great website and nice share. I want to thank you. Good job! You post a great blog

03/01/2017 11:47am

I have some ideas on my mind on how to improve my workflow by this. You are just a storehouse of ideas for me.


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