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In case you haven't noticed, ponchos and capes are totally making a style comeback. I find them sooooo comfortable to wear. I think this Poncho would look amazing in a really thick sweater knit! Perfect for a winter coat alternative. 

I made this version with a Hi-Lo detail which is completely optional! 

I hope you enjoy this Tutorial 

Melanie oxoxo
  • 2 Meters of Stretch Sweater Fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape 
Cut a large rectangle 45" wide by 55" long. 
Fold your fabric lengthwise so that one side is 7" longer. The longer side will be the back of your poncho. 
Cut a slight curve on your back side as pictured, this step is optional and just a design detail I wanted to add to my poncho. 
To cut your neck hole, fold your poncho in half widthwise. 
Measure down your center fold 1.5" and down your side folds 3.25". Connect these two points with a slight curve and cut out! 
You will want to unfold your poncho and cut your front neck another 4.5" to create a deeper neckline. 
This is how your poncho should look at this stage. 
To create the cowl portion, measure around your neck hole. For mine it measured 27" around, yours might be slightly different which is fine. 

To find the width of your cowl piece take that measurement (27") and minus 1.5" Which will give you 25.5"


27" - 1.5"= 25.5 = Width of your Cowl Piece
I found that 21" worked really well for the length of my cowl piece. I won't recommend changing this too much as it could effect how it sits on your neck. 

The finished measurements of my cowl piece were 25.5" x 21" long. 
Fold your cowl piece in half lengthwise and sew down the long seam creating a long tube. 
Once sewn, fold your tube in half so that the wrong sides are facing and the raw edges are together. This creates your cowl piece.
Pin your cowl piece to your poncho neck hole. Your cowl will be smaller than the neck hole so you will have to distribute the excess evenly around. 
Sew your cowl to your poncho using a stretch stitch or a serger. You will have to stretch all the layers until they lie flat while sewing. 
Turn your seam to the inside of your poncho. 
Zig-Zag or serge all the raw edges of your poncho. Since we're using a stretch fabric you could leave the hem as is since it won't fray. I hemmed my edges by flipping 1/2" to the wrong side and stitching down using a long straight stitch. 
This step is completely optional as well, but in case you wanted to know how to create clean corners for your hem, the steps below will show you how.

Quick Mitered Corner Method. 



02/03/2016 11:14am

Love! I've been looking for a ponch/cape like this. Can't find one made out of the proper material for my sensitive skin. I guess I'll be sewing one instead. Thanks for sharing your method and measurements.
BTW, just a suggestion, it would be great if you added a Pinterest button to your blog. That's how I do all of my bookmarking. I'm sure many more people do too.

02/03/2016 11:39am

Hi Samantha!

Thanks for your comment! I just added the Pin It Button above, thanks for your suggestion. Good luck with your poncho and thanks so much for reading :)

02/11/2016 3:51am

Wouldn't this be great for a little girl by reducing the size.....and then make one for dolly.

11/10/2016 6:17pm

Thanks much, This poncho pattern is just what I am looking for.

Kate Faulkner
01/02/2017 1:00pm

Glad to find an easy and easily adapted pattern. Much long searching has now come to an end.

01/24/2017 4:05am

You are looking gorgeous in this homemade dress that would be appreciate by the ladies most. I suggest your blog to my sister because she searching for such creative blogs for enhancement of her sewing skill. I hope she would find out the great helping material here.

03/01/2017 11:50am

Indeed! I would sew a poncho for this Spring season. It is not too late!


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