Big, cozy, blankety scarves are just what a Canadian winter calls for. I love using scarves to really change up my outerwear anytime I'm running out of the house. And I can't really think of a better way to remain cozy and stylish all at once. 

Blanket scarves are all the rage right now and I wanted to DIY a version that was fast and easy. This fringed trim is the perfect way to fit in with this seasons hottest trend! 

The project can be completely in about 20 minutes and is soooo satisfying to make!

I hope you all enjoy this DIY :) 

Happy Sewing!

Melanie oxoxox

  • 1 Meter of Fabric: Flannel, Plaid or Sweater Weight
  • 2 Meters of Fringe Trim
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
Hem both your raw edges, you can do this by folding the edges in twice and stitching down OR I just chose to simply overlock over my raw edges. 
Pin your fringe to the edge with the selvage, the fringe can be a little slippery so I put quite a few pins in. 
Sew your fringe to your scarf using a long stitch. Be careful not to get any of the fringe caught in the stitching. Repeat for both sides!


01/08/2017 3:20am

v nice


This is really great for me because I need to ride a bus everyday going to my work. I often feel cold because I don't want to wear a jacket even if I really need to. But with your post, I have the solution to my everyday problem. Also, I find it very easy to do and the materials are easy to find so there's no way that I can't avail it. Thank you for posting this, I hope you could share some more!

02/14/2017 10:24pm

I really love to see DIY tutorials, I love doing a DIY because it is simple, easy to understand and have a great result. Your DIY Blanket Scarf with Fringe is so beautiful, I love to try this one. I find it very easy to do and the materials are easy to find so there's no way that I can't avail it. I can't wait to try this one, I hope I can make a beautiful blanket scarf like yours. This is very unique and informative blog. Thank you for sharing this tip on how making a DIY blanket scarf.

02/22/2017 6:54am

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03/01/2017 11:51am

It is time to make some changes in my wardrobe. So here I am!


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