Hi Everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by :) Christmas is my favourite time of the year and this project is something I've been wanting to do since last year! Finally have the opportunity to share this free stocking pattern and tutorial! 

Also head on down to the bottom of the page for a bonus pattern ;) 

Hope you all enjoy! 

Melanie oxoxo 

CLICK here for FREE Stocking Pattern Download

Supplies -Makes 2 Stockings

  • 1 Meter of Main Fabric (Woven)
  • 1 Meter of Lining Fabric (Woven)
  • Matching Thread
  • 8 Sheets of Printer Paper
  • Scotch Tape

  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger
  • Scissors
  • Iron 
  • Printer

Start off by printing off your stocking pattern. Make sure that you are printing your pages as Actual Size so that your pattern will be the correct size!
Start trimming off the right and bottom border on every pattern page. 
I find it easiest to lay out all the pages in the correct order so that piecing them together is faster. Match up the circles with the corresponding numbers to assemble your pattern and tape. 
Use this pattern to cut out two main pieces and two lining pieces
I trimmed about 1/4" off the foot portion of my lining pieces. I wanted my lining to be a little smaller than my main stocking so that they would fit nicely together.  

I used my serger to sew this pieces together but you can use your regular sewing machine. Use 1/4" Seam allowance and make sure to use a zig zag stitch to finish your raw edges so that the fabric won't unravel in the wash. 
Right sides together, sew your lining to your outer stocking at 1/2" Seam Allowance. Make sure to leave an opening to turn your stockings right sides out.
Give your stockings a good press and slip stitch your opening closed! 

Click here to download your FREE Elf Stocking Pattern 



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03/01/2017 7:22am

I really love the Christmas season. During Christmas, I really feel at ease and calm. It makes me more appreciative with the things around me. Anyway, I would really love to make something like this one as well. As far as I remember, we haven't done anything like this before. Well, I think this year's Christmas will be the right time for it. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial.


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Kristen Jones
10/27/2016 7:58am

Hi, I love this pattern, but a new seamstress the tutorial is a bit hard to follow. Would you consider adding more pictures or a video? Thanks

12/10/2016 7:42am

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02/12/2017 10:37am

That's some really nice blog, why to spend money to buy christmas when you can make one at home? very well explained and easy to made.


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