Hello Everybody! 

Thanks for stopping by this fall day! I am just so excited to be writing this post. Being a creative person, organization was never my strongest skill, my brain just doesn't think that way, plus half way through organizing I usually get distracted and leave everything a bigger mess than before. 

My workroom has been a bit of a disaster lately and I was in need of some professional help in getting my space organized and efficient. Efficient is becoming one of my favourite words :) 

Lindsay from Ease Up Organization and Efficiency Solutions  was kind enough to come in for a few hours to help me set up my space to suit my needs. On demand tools are now within arms reach, everything is sorted, labeled and stored neatly. Please make sure to check out her website to find lots of helpful tips and to see what services she offers. 

Please click on the photos to enlarge! I have also captioned some with more information :) 

And one last thing, please excuse the toys and dust, they are a permanent fixture in my home and workspace. I wanted to give an accurate view into my littlest studio ;) 
Please enjoy! 

Melanie oxoxo


My sewing room is my place for escape from the craziness of the world.its the good site for checkout more.

02/10/2017 9:59am

Wow you are very innovate in nature I think because the ways you have arranged all your sewing material into the free space so beautifully. You have fully utilized the space and at same time you have made it look beautiful also.


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