Hi Everyone! 

It's been a while since I did a weekend project post! I thought I would share this dress that I made following my Shirred Dress Tutorial.  The steps are basically exactly the same but I wanted to show you how I adapted it to fit an adult! I was severely lacking is maternity clothes so I thought I would whip this up for something cool and comfy for the warmer weather. And this fabric was so bright and cheerful that I think it suits this style perfectly! 

Hope you enjoy!

Melanie oxoxo

Click here to find the Step by Step Instructions on Shirring. 

I found this fabric in the discount bin at my local Fabricland. It was a full meter and only cost me $2.12. There was the tiniest little hole at the bottom but I mean for $2, I'll take it! 

For this dress, I didn't want it too tent-like so instead of doubling my chest measurement like I usually would, I decided just to use the 60" and that way I could really utilize what I had. 
Following my shirred tutorial, I started stitching about 3/8" away from the edge of my fabric. Since this is an adult sized dress, you could space the shirring rows further apart.  

This part took little while to complete, I think in total I spent 40 minutes just stitching my rows, but once you get into it, it's nice mindless work. 
In total I stitched 18 rows. After I was finished, I tied off all my elastic threads and did a narrow zig zag stitch up the back seam to close the dress. I then finished off the edges.  
My hem is a little messy, but since this project is just for myself I'm not going to be too picky! I zig zag stitched the raw edge of my hem, turned it up 1/2" and stitched in place. 
I love these simple to make projects that I can finish up in an hour or two. I think next time I will make a shorter version to wear as a cute strapless top! 

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below! 



03/05/2016 8:41am

That is really cute! I was wondering, what's with the zig-zag stitch? When I try it on my machine, it gets all messy. Also, in previous posts, you do a stitch where you do make sure the edges don't fray, can you explain that more? How would I do it? Thank you!

PS: I love your blog!

03/03/2017 5:16am

It's a great work! You did a good job on making a do-it-yourself maternity dress. May I just say this to your baby, she is extremely and adorably perfect! I love her face to be honest. Going back, with the present situation of the world economy, it is important that we know how to maximize our resources and not rely to merely buying stuff. I would definitely do it because I'm fond of doing it yourself stuff because the ideas are so brilliant. Thank you for sharing this. I got some good and new idea for a maternity dress.

03/28/2016 8:36pm

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You are doing tremendous good, am so impressed to see your blogs. Especially this one is amazing The designing of these dresses are very beautiful, it's really cool. I appreciate your skills of cutting and stitching .


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