Hi Everyone!!! 

First I just wanted to say sorry for it being so long to put a new post up.  So thanks everyone for bearing with me during this mini drought it really means so much :) Anyway today I wanted to share some pictures that my sisters and I had done recently! It was a glamour sister shoot and it was such a great day! We had professional hair and make up done and we felt so pampered and spoiled. 
The pictures were taken by my super talented sister-in-law so make sure that you check out her website! I've also included links below to the lovely ladies who did such a fabulous job on our hair and make up, so make sure you check them out as well! 

Another reason I wanted to share these pictures is because I made both my outfit and my sister Michelle's lace dress. My dress features a boat neck line and a sleeveless bodice. The skirt is a circle skirt and it's quickly becoming my favourite style because I find it is so flattering on any figure.  

My sister's lace dress is has a low neckline and little cap sleeves. It is black lace over white ponte, I love the contrast of pairing black and white together, it really showcases the beautiful lace pattern.  The dress also has angled solid black panels that emphasis the waist. That is another favourite detail of mine because it really draws your eye in and gives you the perfect hourglass figure.  

I also included a shot of all three of us, because I have the prettiest sisters and this is a photo that I will treasure forever <3 
Gosh I feel so sappy right now

Photography: MAR Portraits 
Hair and Make Up: TG Beauty and Beauty by Mallory Antone

oxoxox Melanie 

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I love the color of your dress and new look. You inspire me so much. My favorite color is black. I try something different and it’s not bad. I wore black shirt, black pants and black shoes. I decided to braid my hair. I find out that even if I don’t see dandruff on my scalp, dryness and itchiness can affect my scalp. I believe black goes with anything.


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