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Things here at the studio have been so busy lately! I'm in the middle of running few courses right now which makes writing and blogging a little harder to get around too. So I thought I would do a post about a very special project that I completed this summer. It was a custom wedding dress and I'm so happy with how it turned out given that I was my first ever! 

The dress was a tea length gown with a lace bodice and full satin skirt! The lace was all hand sewn and though you might not be able to see it them there are multiple seams within the lace. The purpose of doing this to is to fit it properly to the satin bodice. It's a little tricky because you have to try and sew the lace so that you are repeating as much of  the lace pattern as you can. It's almost like a puzzle. I absolutely love hand sewing. I find relaxing and always feel a connection with the generations of women from the past who only knew this form of garment making. 

Hope you enjoyed!


In the picture to the left the dress is not hemmed, and the lace wasn't finished but I realized that is was the only full length shot of the dress that I have. The belt is pictured finished below! The jewels were bought from a vintage shop, I believe they were pieces from an old necklace! 


01/28/2015 11:32am

This looks amazing Mel!

03/03/2017 9:09am

You have totally amazed me! This is a fantastic customized wedding dress. You know what, I would love you to make my wedding gown because you have an extremely excellent craftsmanship when it comes to wedding gowns. Oh God, I'm literally awed by the result of your hand sewn gown. Join international contests for fashion because I can see a bright future ahead of you. You can be a big star in the international fashion scene. I just totally love your work.

01/28/2015 7:18pm


02/22/2017 6:41am

nice post...

02/23/2017 9:40am

This wedding dress was looking wonderful with the embroidery designing on it. This tea length satin gown is fanatically designed by the author. I really liked the making of that wedding gown and very much impressed by looking at it.


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