These pillows are taking over Pinterest and while I'm not sure who came up with the idea of making a pillow in the shape of a cloud, I am absolutely loving these at the moment!
 I think they are the cutest little home accessories and add a little whimsy to any decor.  Wouldn't these be perfect for a babies room?

 I decided that since its the holiday season, I would make a FREE downloadable pattern  available for everyone so that you can make these adorable clouds yourself!  

This free pattern can be printed at home and they are great beginner projects especially if you have never made pillows before! And if you're wondering how to sew these lovely little pillows, check sure you check out the video at the bottom of this post!  

oxoxo Melanie 

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02/10/2016 5:38am

Ohh! I love your pillows..
An Im laughing, because i have the same table and the same sewing machine ;)

This is my first time in your website, and I stay here for a long time. ;)


02/10/2016 8:10am

Hi Luciana

Thanks so much for stopping by! I love my little singer sewing machine, its been through so much:)

01/25/2017 4:52am

Very Nice you are very innovative and creative all the pillow styles are very amazing thanks for sharing this amazing post with us with nice pictures of these pillows.

02/22/2017 7:12am

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