This was such a fun little project to do and a great learning experience. I had never made a tie before so to get started I actually took apart one of my husbands old ties (much to his disappointment :/ ) to see how they are made. Ties are not to complicated and it's great practice for hand sewing.  I used the pieces of that tie as a pattern and some left over cream satin from a dress for the main fabric.  

I think it took me about 6 tries and a google search to figure out how to manage that neat little corner at the point. Turns out I was making it harder on myself than it needed to be. This might be weird but I am extremely satisfied in how that little corner looks :).  The whole project around took an hour and a half to finish and most of that was hand sewing the long seam.  I'm really pleased with how professional the finished product looked!



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02/20/2017 3:04am

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