Happy belated long weekend to all my fellow Canadians as well as my birthday buddies the USA! 

So excited to be updating you all with some exciting news and updates. It's been a busy year outside of the blog. We have welcomed a new baby to The Littlest Studio family, bought our first home and moved closer to family! My attention as been on settling into our new life and routine. BUT I'm so happy to be getting back into the grove of updating the website and working on new patterns! 

First and foremost, I have made some changes to my most popular two patterns. I have listened to your comments and feedback and as always take everything you say, however minor and apply it to my work. I always want to improve and provide you with the easiest way to make garments as possible. 

Some updates you will have noticed:
The Circle Skirt Pattern as been resized to better suit knit fabrics. 

The Bodice Pattern now includes easy to find links that will take you to helpful blog posts and fabric recommendations! 

The Bodice pattern has been lengthened to better fit most figures.

Also the Bodice Pattern now includes sewing and cutting instructions within the file itself, saving you the trouble of having visit the website for that information. 

Soooooo I'm just going to put this here:
 In thanks for your continued support, comments and visits I will be releasing a new FREE Dress pattern in the coming weeks! This pattern is an exciting edition to The Littlest Studio pattern collection and will of course coordinate with the Assorted Sleeve Block Pattern.