This pattern is so perfect for summer. With BBQ's and summer parties happening almost every weekend, having a cute new apron is exactly whats needed! Perfect for a hostess gift and even better if you're the hostess
This project can be completed in an afternoon and is the perfect canvas for exercising your creativity. 

I recently discovered this fantastic method of stencilling designs onto fabric. I can't tell you how many times I've attempted stencilling and it bleeds under the stencil and just turns out sloppy. 
Well then I discovered the amazingness of Freezer Paper! 
Freezer paper can be bought in the grocery section in any store, usually found next to the cling wrap. It has a thin plastic coating to one side which is what makes this the perfect stencilling tool! 

You can use this technique to print on pretty much anything you want: t-shirts, onesies, pillow cases, bags, get creative and have fun! 

Hi Everyone! 

It's been a while since I did a weekend project post! I thought I would share this dress that I made following my Shirred Dress Tutorial.  The steps are basically exactly the same but I wanted to show you how I adapted it to fit an adult! I was severely lacking is maternity clothes so I thought I would whip this up for something cool and comfy for the warmer weather. And this fabric was so bright and cheerful that I think it suits this style perfectly! 

Hope you enjoy!

Melanie oxoxo