I just wanted to share a little post today about this new clutch purse that I designed and sewed up this morning. I just love the combination of the leather and the linen. I think it's just so rustic just really classic and timeless. The purse measures 12 1/4" by 8 1/2". The Leather is faux and the contrast is 100% linen. 

This purse is going to retail for $45.00 which included shipping! 

These purses are going to be available online May 1st.
If you are interested in preordering please send me an e-mail here!  

Remember these styles are really limited in quantity. I can only make so many so if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible!! 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy:) 
Melanie oxoxox

Happy Friday Everyone!! 

I'm so pleased to be able to share with you all my latest project: Clutch Purses. As with most of my projects, I was inspired in the fabric store when this gorgeous ivory animal skin faux leather caught my eye. It's so soft and the texture is amazing. I really wanted to try something new and right now contrasting fabrics and prints are really on trend right now. So I choose this delicate floral print which I think just screams spring and summer. 

The second style is a dark brown faux leather paired with a natural white 100% linen fabric. I love how rustic it looks and I think the style works for all seasons. Also I'm obsessed with how naturally elegant linen is. It's beautifully flawed and has natural imperfections in it.  I am tweaking these designs so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you! 

The styles shown below are 12' wide and you can switch the fold to the front or back for a different look. 
These styles will probably retail for around $40.00 which includes the cost of shipping. I'm hoping to add some smaller styles, including wallets, and totes so keep your eye out! 

These will be available for sale online May 1st. Of course I am still donating a portion of all sales to Autism Canada for the month of April, and during the month of May I will be featuring a new charity so stay tuned! 

If you would like to preorder a specific style or have a custom request just send me a e-mail!  melanie@thelittleststudio.com

Melanie oxoxox
I've been slightly obsessed with working with Faux Leather lately. This was a textile that severely intimidated me in the 
past. But it turns out to be much more user friendly than I had thought. A few tips when working with this fabric.

- Don't pin your pieces together-This will leave permeant holes in the fabric, instead use paper clamps to secure before sewing. 

- Change your regular sewing machine needle to one suited to leather. These are not pricey and are made for going through these thicker materials.  

- Practice on a scrap piece before stitching your project. If you find your machine presser foot sticking to the fabric, you can cover the bottom with a piece of scotch tape. This allows your machine foot to glide over the fabric. 

- Be sure before you sew! If you make a mistake some faux leathers leave very obvious holes where you removed the stitching. Others like the one below is textured so the holes are less noticeable if you have to resew a seam. 

- When pressing, cover the faux leather with a cotton presser cloth ( a.k.a a scrap piece of cotton fabric ). Otherwise you might find that your iron will melt your faux leather or stick to it. 

Here is a little picture tutorial for making your own tassels! These are so on trend this spring and can be added to pretty much anything, including purses, clothing, shoes and whatever else you love! 

Thanks for reading! 

Melanie oxoxo
Seeing these gorgeous prints in the fabric store inspired me to sew up some adorable infinity scarves. Scarves are a 
must-have accessory for me and I think that they are such a great way add to any outfit. I'm so excited to announce that I've put a few up on my website for sale!  Make sure you head over to the Products page and pick one up before they are all sold out! 
All Scarfs are $20.00 Canadian and shipping is included in the price.

Giving back is so important. I know that whenever kindness is spread in my direction I am always taken back by the generosity of others. And it's time to pay it forward! That is why I will be donating a percentage of each sale to Charity. Every month I will be featuring a different cause and organization. April is  Autism Awareness month so I will be donating 10% of each sale to  Autism Canada  

  Not only will you be receiving something that is handcrafted and made in Canada but you can also feel good about the fact you are making a difference. It isn't about being grand but every little bit really does help. These scarves are very limited in quantity so please hurry! 

Thanks for all your love and support! 

Melanie oxoxo