Hey Everybody! 

Not going to keep you here too long! But I wanted to put a Sewist spin on the traditional Christmas Tree Ball Ornament. And I think these are so perfect for creating a unique and simple decoration. These are also super useful because we have pets and young kids and the delicate tree decorations just aren't practical. But ones made of fabric? Yes please!!

Another idea if you're thinking about these for a kid friendly tree, is pairing them up with cute and colourful fabric. Throw in some Christmas themed pom-pom’s and you have yourself a tree like no other!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Hi everyone :) 
This is my most favourite season and I have so many new holiday DIY's in the works, so keep checking in cause you don't want to miss these DIY projects. These elegant trees are soooo simple to throw together and they remind me of similar trees I've seen at Homesense. I threw these together with scraps I had laying around. They are a great budget friendly project to get your home holiday ready. 

I've included three different sized trees in the pattern below! I hope you enjoy and make sure to share your projects on Instagram by tagging me @thelittleststudio!
If you have any tutorial or project requests please let me know in the comments below :) 

So lately I've been thinking about branching out and trying some of the fantastic indie pattern designer that have been popping up all over the Interwebs. And I thought: " well if I'm sewing it anyway, I might as well post a mini review/first impressions of the pattern". I asked on Instagram what people recommended for a great fall project, and almost instantly someone suggested looking into the Blackwood Cardigan. I fell in love instantly and as I waited for it to print out, I nervously hoped it would meet my exceptions. And you know what? It did!

So easy to sew, I completed it in about 40 minutes of sewing time. Cutting it out was nice and simple. The fabric I used was some Ponte de Roma that I had just enough of to make it work. I was worried the Ponte wouldn't have enough stretch to suit the fit of the Blackwood, so I did frequent fit checks to make sure things were going smoothly. I did use a 1/4" seam allowance rather then the suggested 3/8" to allow for a bit of a looser fit and I think that was the right call, just because my fabric wasn't a stretchy as it probably should have been. I can't wait to play around with some great sweater knits, I would love to have a more lightweight version to add to my fall wardrobe!

Hi Everyone! 

How are things going? If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me asking if anyone was interested in me releasing this as a free download. Well there was so much interest, I thought I would get this up asap!

I'm going to keep this intro short + sweet. I love how easily this dress went together. I made it for my daughters halloween costume and out of some old lining fabric I had lying around. Which is why it looks a little wrinkly :) But hopefully you can see past the wrinkles and get loads of use out of this simple pattern! 

This style is super timeless and can be made a fancy or as causal as you like. 

I hope you enjoy and leave a comment how which fabric you would love to make this out of!!

I've had this idea for such a long time! I wanted to jazz up my Basic Legging Pattern and thought that cute little hearts down the side? I mean, super cute right? And you can use this technique on any legging pattern you have and play around with the placement of your appliques. And don't be afraid to play around with different designs, I have included a free template of the hearts I used in this tutorial but you can use any shape you want!

You could even do this to a pair of leggings you already own by taking out the inseam of the leg, adding your appliques using the steps below and resewing the leg up! 


Hi Everyone! 

I'm back with a brand new sewing pattern! I've been dying to make a sweet little t-shirt dress for my girl and I'm so proud that I've finally done it! This dress is so fast and easy to sew, I promise it's sure to become a stable piece in your collection. 

I hope you enjoy this pattern and remember to tag me on Instagram when you make yours!! 
Hi Everyone! 

I wanted to talk a little about my new pattern which I'm soooo proud of. I have seen fabric crowns going around Pinterest and I was so inspired to create my own version. 
My little girl loves using her imagination and playing dress up is an important part of her day. 
I'm not a massive fan of the silver plastic ones you can find a Wal-Mart and since I'm a DIY'er, I wanted to give this a shot! And once I made one, I had to make more! 

This pattern sells for $4.00 CAD and can be immediately downloaded to your home computer. And also each templates can be printed off each on only 1 sheet of printer paper. 

The pattern is on my Etsy shop and it includes the following:

  • 3 Unique styles
  • Fabric recommendation
  • Clear photo and written instructions
  • Online support at any point
  • Is one size fits all!
  • Reversible

I'm warning these are addicting to make. Once I started, I couldn't stop until I made 6 different ones. 

Another bonus, is that these are REVERSIBLE!! So pick your two fabric fabrics and pair them together to get two looks in one. I hope you enjoy making these crowns as much as I do. Please tag me in all your photos @thelittleststudio!

On another note, thank you so much for all your support on my Etsy shop :) It means to much and your positive feedback means sooo much! 


Hi Everyone! 

I've been busy chipping away at a new pattern for my Etsy shop and it's finally ready! I had this idea to create a master baby hat pattern to include all the adorable styles I could think of!
The set includes the following styles: Basic, Top Knot, Bunny Ears, Bear Ears, Cat Ears, and the Square Beanie. 

It comes in sizes Premie to 12 Months to carry you through all the adorable baby months :) 

As a thank you and to celebrate this new pattern I have decided to give one of the included styles away for FREE!! 

The pattern I'm giving away for free is the square beanie hat is absolutely adorable and so easy to make. It resembles an little owl and I love it! Included in the download is the patterns fitting size premie to 6 months. I didn't included the 12 month size, because it wouldn't fit in the pattern layout but since they are stretchy and depending on the fabrics you probably could get the 6 month size to fit your 12 month with a little extra width added. 

The free pattern comes with fabric recommendations, tips and tricks as well as clear photo instructions fabric recommendations etc!

Click here to download FREE Pattern


  • 1/4" Elastic 
  • Fusible Fleece
  • Minky/cuddly fabric
  • Fabric for lining
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Kitty Sleep Mask (Download Here)
Print off the kitty sleep mask template. Make sure to print off the template at 100% scale or it could be too small. 

Cut out your kitty mask template in your minky/fuzzy fabric, one from your lining and one from your fusible fleece. 
Apply your fusible fleece to your lining piece. You can also add a blackout fabric to the inside for more light restriction. 

Measure the elastic from ear to ear and cut that length. Stitch each end of your elastic to the sides of your masks lining. 
Lay your minky/fuzzy side facing down on your lining piece. Make sure all the elastic is inside. Stitch around the sleep mask leaving a small opening between the ears.  
Trim around the curves and the corners of the ears. Flip to the write side!

Take black embroidery floss and create your whiskers.

Use the small opening to keep all your stitches on the inside of the sleep masks. I did one long stitch for each whisker. Knot on the side. 

Fold the edges of the opening on the inside and stitch closed. 

Patterns available for sale:

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